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Mini Hidden spy camera with built-in DVR

$28.95 & FREE shipping

Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR and motion activation. The Mini spy camera is one of the smallest cameras on the market. It is small and very versatile. You can use this camera practically anywhere for almost anything. It can be used for outdoor activities, body worn applications, capture evidence for court, car surveillance, RC's, and drones. The built in motion detection allows for recordings when movement is detected in the cameras view. It comes with 2 types of mounts the first is pocket clip mount that can be used to clip the camera to a piece of clothing or object. The second mount is a wall/dash mount. This mount is versatile as it can be screwed into drywall or attached with Velcro. It can also be attached to a necklace. Not only it is small and versatile, it records crisp clear video footage at 1920x1080P resolution or 1280x720P resolution at 30fps and stores the footage on a 32GB micro SD card (Included).

1280x720P or 1920x1080P video resolution at 30fps, 12M (4032x3024) photo resolution, up to 60-minute battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 32GB memory, dimensions 1” cube.

Mini Spy Camera, USB cable w/TV-out, pocket clip, wall/dash bracket, user manual.

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Customer reviews
Barking Dog Ranch - Reviewed on April 1, 2018

After fighting a couple of these cameras from different places, I almost returned this one too for NOT working BUT..... HERE IS THE SECRET, YOU MUST USE A 16 GIG CARD IN THE CAMERA. Not a 32 or a 4 but it must be a 16 GIG card. Dont know why, but mine works and records fine now.

thomas a miller - Reviewed on March 21, 2018

Great for the price
This is a great little cam. I am using it as a rear faceing dash cam and it's work's flawlessly. That said it has some things I wish it didn't do.
First, it records whenever it is connected to power for charging, no big deal in it's current use but it might bug someone if they didn't know. Second, it will not change to night vision or better video quality when charging. On battery all function seem to work fine. For the price it still exceeds expectations. .

User - Reviewed on December 31, 2018

Good for the money, I recommend
This camera is exactly how seller describes. This is actually a "SQ11 mini dv camera" so you may be able to find sme thing for less money.
-Functions great, but it is confusing at first how to use because directions aren't translated the best, but look up a youtube video and you'll get it. Records videos in 1080p or 720p, can take pictures, and night vision mode is actually very impressive.
-Does work with 32g card