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Pocket clip hidden spy camera

$33.95 & FREE shipping

The Clip Hidden Camera with built-in DVR is very portable body security camera. The HD Clip camera has a crisp 1080p resolution You can clip this onto your short pocket, Backpack, or Purse to capture events on the go. The 32Gb memory card will allow you to store up to 7 hours of video footage. The camera will let you start recording with one touch of a button. This camera has a video playing cable to connect directly to the monitor/tv for playback. You can also connect the camera to a PC to download all the video footage.

1920x1080p video resolution at 30fps, battery life about 1 hours, 32GB memory, works with Windows and Mac OS, dimensions 4 ¼” x 1”.

HD Clip Camera, USB cable, User Manual, 32GB Micro SD Card

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Customer reviews
Loren - Reviewed on April 17, 2020

Very safe and discreet.
I'm very surprised at the quality of video I received from this product. I didn't have much expectations, but it definitely exceeded them by a lot! You get literally everything you need with your unit, and playback of the videos is very simple too. My favourite feature would be how discreet this product can be, and how effective it is during low light.

Scott Walker - Reviewed on April 2, 2020

Camera pen is really good, fully functional, clear picture, clear sound quality
Very compact and convenient, very delicate, very clear sound quality, relatively complete functions.Super clear video, super long standby.The packing is tight, the batteries are durable and last a long time on full charge.Special full function, enough memory.

Customer - Reviewed on February 28, 2020

Discreet Camera for Protection
Excellent, discreet camera. I tested out all the features including setting the time, taking 720p and 1080p videos, and snapshots. The sound and video quality is very good for the price. The User manual has a decent amount of info and includes some diagrams and pictures. The YouTube video that they mentioned in the manual was more helpful with setting the time. Great product for those into cameras or wanting some self-protection while in public.