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ZAP Blast Knuckles Extreme 950,000 Volt Stun Gun

$62.00 & FREE shipping

ZAP Blast Knuckles Extreme 950,000 Volt is a shocking high voltage stun gun that provides you with an easy way to protect yourself while on the go. The rubberized contour grip ensures you'll have a firm grip while the 950,000 volts of stun protection await their call to action.

Set in an intimidated spiked design, the four sharp electrodes add a layer of protection that on their own allow a serious blow to your attacker should you choose not to use the stun feature or the batteries need replacing.

The spikes also offer you, during a self-defense situation, a way to collect DNA evidence that may prove useful to later present to the authorities.

Use while jogging, walking alone at night, or exploring unfamiliar places for a convenient and instantly accessible way to keep yourself safe from the unknown.

– Ultra-sharp Spike Electrodes offer extra protection and DNA collection for the authorities
– Rubber coated with soft contour grip for full control
– Red LED on/off indicator
– Perfect for joggers

Includes 2 lithium CR123A batteries and heavy nylon case with belt clip

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Customer reviews
SheShares - Reviewed on June 14, 2019

My new walking buddy!
I love that I can adequately protect myself without using my lethal weapon now.
It's light weight, easy to carry/hold, looks & sounds electrifyingly dangerous. I pity the fool who dares me to use it!
Flip side, my 15 & 11 year old sons are super intrigued with it so I hide & lock it up to avade ridiculousness ER visits.
I'll post a dramatic & extremely detailed review if ever I have to use it...